Things to do in Napa Valley

ocal Interest

Napa County is full of rich culture and uniqueness, both of which attract thousands to wander its valleys and hills annually. Whether living here or visiting, these locations and events may be of interest to you.

Things to Do:

Elmshaven This stately country Victorian residence -- known since 1900 as Elmshaven -- was built in 1885 by railroad developer and executive Robert H. Pratt and served as a vacation home to the Pratt family until 1900. Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, purchased the home in 1900 and lived here until her death in 1915.  It is located 2.6 miles from the St. Helena Church.

Las Posadas Some rumor Howell Mountain to be a dormant volcano; others claim that it is the result of volcanic acitivity from an unknown source. Whatever it is,  Howell Mountain is home to Pacific Union College as well as California Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection's station, Las Posadas, which is also used for biking, hiking, and leisurely walks.  President George Bush rode his bike through the forest once during his term in office.  Annual bike races are held, hosted by PUC, and attracting riders from all over the world.

Bothe State Park, part of the California State Park system, lies between St. Helena and Calistoga.  Located just north of historic Bale Grist Mill, hiking trails connect the two parks.  The mill was built in 1849 and is still in working condition.

Bring a picnic lunch?  There are several parks in St. Helena where you can enjoy a lovely expansive lawns and mature trees. Some of the parks have play equipment, some have picnic tables.  If you plan to spend the afternoon, we suggest either nearby Lyman Park, less than 1/4 mile from the church, or Crane Park, as both of these have restrooms and other amenities.

Area Adventist Churches:

Several Seventh-day Adventist Churches are located in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas. Click this link to view church names and contact information: Napa County Churches