Want to Know More?

Would you like to more of who God is? Who Jesus is? The Holy Spirit? Would you like to explore and understand the Bible? Made up of 66 different books or letters, the Holy Bible was written by around 40 different men over sixteen centuries. It is full of prophecies, many of them written in one book then fulfilled many books -- and years -- later. Some prophecies have yet to be fulfilled! But among all those writings, there are prophecies of the very days we are living in. 

Would you like to have personal Bible studies? That can be arranged! Connect with us info@shsda.org or call the church office, (707) 963-4461.  

If you prefer to look at Bible studies on your own, here online, check out Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides,  or those from Voice of Prophecy.    It is Written also has Bible Study Guides as well as some geared towards children.  There are many more resources available!


  • 9:00 A.M. Guitar Lessons Most Sabbaths in the Sanctuary - Leading Worship
  • 9:30 A.M. Adult Sabbath School in the Fireside Room
  • 11:00 A.M. Sabbath Sermon at church and via Live Stream

Sabbath School curriculum and other materials can be accessed at the websites below. 


Youth and Young Adults


Adults, Youth, and Kids

  • Sabbath School Net – ssnet.org
  • Growing Together (intergenerational S.S. curriculum) – growingtogetherchurch.org



CHARTS of Interest in Prophecy

The Great Controversy - PDF Version of History and Prophecy by Ellen G. White